By the Time We Got to Woofstock

If you’re anything like us, then you’re positively crazy about dogs and cats. And that’s a good thing because our four-legged friends give us so much joy. Just their presence adds good energy to even the most gloomy day or to an empty home. In fact, sharing your life with a dog or cat can have such positive effects on your physical and psychological well-being that scientists and doctors the world over have written extensively about their therapeutic abilities.

Over the years the word has gotten out to spay, neuter and become responsible pet owners but sadly, animal overpopulation remains a national tragedy. Nearly 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed each year because animal shelters are too full and there are far too few adoptive homes.

So, to do whatever we can to help save lives, last month, we collaborated once again with our incredibly sympathetic client at City Place, on the Hudson River to hold our third annual “Woofstock & Friends.” With so many pet-friendly retailers on-site and pet-owner patrons, the location is a natural, and over the past three years it’s attracted hundreds to this fantastic celebration. Along with the festivities, we’ve helped raise awareness for some of our favorite local animal rescue agencies – Bergen County Protect & Rescue, START II and CLAWS (Closter Animal Welfare Society). The first two are no-kill shelters and the third rescues and fosters abandoned pets. All three are committed to giving every animal the finest in TLC as well as adopting out as many as they can into a loving, forever home.

Pets and their people thoroughly enjoyed a day of pet-centric activities, including the Puparazzi Pooch Parade and red carpet review. There were prizes galore including a raffle for a terrific Willis for President Pet Bed. Besides a memorable day of fun, we were able to spread the word about all the great work our local shelters and rescuers are doing to save homeless animals.


If you’re thinking about adopting a dog or cat, or just want to help make a difference in your area, here are a few suggestions:

• Find a local shelter in your area and volunteer
• If you can’t give a forever home, consider temporarily fostering a dog or cat in your home
• Before you get a puppy or kitten, don’t forget to consider older animals that may have been surrendered or orphaned by their owners
• Search websites such as, and to find shelters near you and for the best information and advice about pet adoption

Feel free to share with us your pet adoption story or, if you know of any great rescue organizations in your area, please post their info here.

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